Gunnison Sage-grouse Links


– Photo courtesy of Gary Kramer

Noppadol Paothong Photographer

Photographer, Noppadol Paothong
in Gunnison, Colorado.



Sage Grouse: Icon of the West

by Nappadol Paothong (written by Kathy Love)

Noppadol Paothong Icon Of The West

“Up-close and captivating images that have never been documented before, Sage Grouse: Icon of the West introduces this unique and remarkable species and the land they depend upon.”

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Save the Last Dance,
A Story of North American Grassland Grouse

by Nappadol Paothong (with text by Joel Vance)

Save The Last Dance BookThis beautiful book includes a chapter focused on the Gunnison Sage-grouse called,
Bird of Grace and Spirit.

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David Showalter Photographer

Sage Spirit Conservation Project

Dave Showalter

This in-depth look at the sagebrush ecosystem is unfolding as nature photographer,
Dave Showalter, explores the sagebrush biome with his camera telling the conservation story of the people,
the wildlife, and the challenges confronting them.

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Game Birds Book by Gary Kramer



by Gary Kramer

Gamebirds by Gary Kramer
published in 2016 includes
incredible photos of all
34 gamebird species
in the U.S. and Canada and
features the Gunnison Sage-grouse.

Containing 256 pages and 384 color photos,
this volume is the most
ambitious book ever attempted
on game birds.
Game Birds will provide you
with range maps, natural history and
conservation status and
a photographic insight seldom revealed.

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Sage-grouse Links

Dr. Sara Oyler-McCance, United States Geological Survey (USGS)
Genetic Research and Conservation of Gunnison Sage-grouse


Colorado Parks and Wildlife Sites:

High Country Conservation Advocates

Bureau of Land Management, Gunnison Field Office
Gunnison Sage-grouse Conservation Plan

Audubon Rockies

United States Fish and Wildlife Service
Gunnison Sage-grouse conservation status

National Park Service
Curecanti National Recreation Area
Gunnison Sage-grouse Biology and Conservation

Sage Grouse Initiative

Gunnison Basin Sagebrush Ecosystem Alliance


Other Links

Home Science: Backyard Conservation

Natural Resources Conservation Service

Black Canyon Audubon Society

Bird Conservatory of the Rockies

Center for the Advancement of the Steady State Economy

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Western Colorado University

Gunnison Crested Butte Tourism Association
For Lodging and Area Information

Waunita Hot Springs Ranch

Gunnison Trails

Colorado Parks and Wildlife
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